Cub Scout Programs

This section contains almost four years of Cub Scout weekly programs. These programs represent the activities of the Pack that I ran during that time. In theory, a Cub can start anywhere in the sequence, and will complete the full program in a normal three year tenure. Since many [Boomerang] activities are designed to be undertaken when Cubs are a specific age, a lot of the material is covered in a single year's programs—within any one [Boomerang] activity there will generally be separate activities for Bronze (age 8), Silver (age 9) and Gold (age 10) levels.

All of the games described in the Programs, and many more, can be found in the Games Database.

There is no need to follow the programs in the order they are presented here. My sequencing was dictated by the development of the individual youth members in my Pack at any point in time. Sometimes programs were repeated in close succession, and this may be a reflection of the fact that the activity on the night took much longer than anticipated, that it was of particular interest, or on the first night there was simply not the attendance to justify running the program (in which case, we usually quickly converted the program to a Games Night). Please refer to the Member Records section for an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to track the progress of individual youth members, and tailor the sequence of programs for an individual Pack.

This area is still under development (and probably will be forever...), so please be patient. If what you are looking for is not here yet, and it looks like it should be, please send me an email. I'll be happy to pass on any material I have.