Home Education

We were involved with home education from the late 90s, through most of the Naughties. Our primary motivation to educate at home was our concern for the decline in standards, both educational and moral, within the school system. As such, we had a very structured approach and focused on directed (as distinct from 'natural') learning. We believed that it was important for an individual to learn to apply themselves, even when they didn't feel like it, and that they should strive to overcome their weaknesses and shortcomings, rather than expecting the population at large to accommodate them.

You will invariably find some resources we recommend more useful than others. The documents provided herein range from original compilations, the product of our own research, to exercises that verge on plagiarism, although we have made every effort to acknowledge and provide links to the original sources of all material. Opinions are invariably our own. Factual information, however, has often been lifted directly from other sources. As no attempt has been made to seek copyright release on any material, documents should be considered as personal study guides, to be used in conjunction with the relevant source material.